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Andy Murray
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Saturday, 23 June 2007

T in the park upate..........

had a few enquiries for T in the Park tickets so I have done some homework and come up with the following details:-

Ebay - 2hours to go item number
170123295087 £117.00 at 08:48 23/06/07

170123296411 £115.00 at 08:49 23/06/07

Both are for full weekend Camping Friday till Monday!!

both P&P @£5 each if you are lucky to get both for under £150 each these are an absolute bargain.

Competitons to win Tickets (still open);-1;-1;-1&pPageID=2675

If you are unsuccesful there is a way to get aa chance to go, not only for free but get paid for it too. (you will not see all acts and have to work in a very busy and stressfull environment but I worked with Rock Steady 2 years ago and you do get time off, you can hear the main stage and you get paid bucket loads.

for details go to:-

Good Luck guys and, just to make you jealouse as I have 2 tickets for the whole weekend, have a great time if you go and I may even bump into you!!!!! Lol

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bravehead said...

the ebay tickets soared dude but it was worth a try. cheers for the info on the jobs tho.