Andy Murray

Andy Murray
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Thursday, 7 June 2007

Scottish Slang..........??

Act it
Deliberately behaving in an obtuse manner. Trying it on. ie 'Twelve pints isnae enuff tae get ye pished so dinnae act it.'

Off or from, depending on usage.
ExamplesYer aff yer heid - You're madAh goat it aff the broo - I got it from those nice people at the Employment Exchange

am'fair peched
to pech i.e. breathe noisily

Noun: A non-projectile weapon. May be blunt or sharp, can include razors, lead pipes, bits of wood with nails hammered in, Stanley knives, etc... . Possibly the main feature that these will have in common is that a chib is something which has been adopted for use as a weapon, possibly with ingenious modifications, rather than something originally designed for that purpose. So a survivalist knife with a 10-inch blade wi the wee jaggy bits (What ur they fur anyway?) is probably not a chib. A crossbow or catapult is similarly not a chib. A Star Trek phaser is not a chib. Probably connected to the word shiv.Prounced TchibA chibbing is an attack from such an implement. Verb: To employ a chib - usually against another human being, but often against a ned. One who has been subjected to attack with a chib is said to have been chibbed. Examples: Hey, did ye see that pigeon chibbin that seagull wi the Irn Bru boattle?Ah'm no sayin it's a rough pub, but if the chucker-oot frisks ye an disnae fun a chib, he gies ye wan!

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