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Andy Murray
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Thursday, 21 June 2007

Death of the Television......a bloody RANT!

Originally the BBC had only 2 television stations available and only 6 radio stations (some regional) and earned no revenue from advertisements or products, except the TV times. This was why we started paying th Liscense fee. Fair enough as we wanted to pay for the good content and classic programme quality.
Now, however, the BBC has roughly 32 Television and Radio channels available in the UK and a number of others in different countries around the world.
Last year the BBC were given £3.1 BILLION in liscence fees, £800 MILLION from selling productions to other channels and countries and a further £627 Million from selling DVD's, adio cd's and other related products.
Now if it wasnt bad enough that the whole of the UK have to, by law, have to pay the yearly fee please consider the following:-

17.5% of Scottish residents cannot receive the BBC's digital channels wether television or Radio (a higher percentage cannot recieve freeview.)We cannot instal Freeview because there are no relevant transmitters for digital, Cable companies wont consider installing the equipment it requires to receive this service due to the fact it would cost millions of pounds to lay the cables to these remote areas and to top it off we are unable to errect sattelite dishes due a rediculous "English" law which states that most of these affected areas have "CONSERVATION STATUS."
This means that we, us poor folks that cant receive digital, can only tune into 2 tv and 4 radio channels and we still pay the same fee as most of the population of the UK even though they get a hell of a lot more viewing choices!
Why oh Why should we when this is of no fault of our own I ask?
Another point, quite worrying this one, is that the area I live in will be the first region in the UK to switch over to digital and the analogue signal will end. This means in the Scottish Borders there will be a staggering 29.5%(13% will ahve to pay for a subscription service) of residents unable to watch their favourite programmes. More importantly I AM IN THIS CATEGORY!
To make things worse, and yes it can get worse, is that there are no deadlines for this to be resolved!
Bye Bye television, my old friend. You were my babysitter, my trusted confident and a truly special friend, but now it seems we will be parted for ever never to laugh, cry or gasp at the wonderful experiences we have shared. You will be sorely missed but never forgotten.

I must go and get really drunk now to try and forget the impending certainty that I will lose my best friend soon.

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