Andy Murray

Andy Murray
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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Canny Scotts Tours 2007

Welcome to The Canny Scotts Bus Tours (Scotland) plc, your local Scottish bus tour specialist offering value for money and comfortable travel. From outside our luxury offices situated at Lochee Road in Auchtermuchty, we'll whisk you away in one of our top of the range luxury coaches to various destinations throughout Scotland. All our coaches have natural air conditioning and are luxuriously fitted and furnished to ensure your journey with The Canny Scotts Tours is made as comfortable as possible. From the Burberry head cloths to the conveniently located Irn-Bru holder at the side of your seat, no expense has been spared in making your journey enjoyable, relaxing and memorable.

Hello! My name's Marie McGlutcheon and I'm the Canny Scotts customer service manager and on-board hostess. It's my job to ensure that your journey with Canny Scotts is one you'll never forget and so far I've managed to succeed in achieving this with every Canny Scotts tour I've had the pleasure to serve on. I will take care of your every whim during your journey! From complimentary copies of the News O' the World and Sun newspapers, to bottles of chilled Buckfast or Deep Fried Mars Bars, in fact any extras you need, I can provide for you - you only have to ask. In 2006 I received the honour of 'Canny Scotts Employee of The Year' and it's my aim to keep this prestigious award into 2007. Obviously Rab the driver and myself are the only two employees at the moment, but if we do expand later, I still want to keep my title. By helping Canny Scotts to provide unrivalled levels of customer service, I just know I can achieve this and I can't wait to welcome YOU onboard soon!

Canny Scotts Conditions of Service & Travel

The Canny Scotts Bus tours make no guarantees that the bus will turn-up on time or on the day specified as published in the timetable and you have no hope in hell of any refund. Passengers are reminded that all Canny Scotts Tour buses are smoker friendly and you will be expected to light-up at the start of your journey - non smokers will be asked to alight immediately and could be chibbed by the driver. Lighting and heating are dependant on the bus battery being fully charged - we will do our best to ensure both are available on most trips. Shagging is not permitted in the vehicle's toilets - please ensure this is carried out at your seat for the entertainment of other passengers. In the event of anything going wrong, make sure your personal insurance is up to date as Canny Scotts Tours maximum accident liability will be £0.04 per passenger. Enjoy your trip!

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