Andy Murray

Andy Murray
New Wimbledon Champ?? (2010) ,maybe next year

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Slang Dictionary 2

Clatchy - Wet/soggy/muddy as in "its bin chuckin doon so the grund'll be clatchy"(it has been raining so the ground will be soggy/wet/muddy)

Cludgie - Toilet

Tollie - excrement

Dub - puddle

giesa - give me a....

Flanje - Female personal parts (the down under bits

Mahonkeys - Boobs/tits a rather nice pair as "look at the mahonkeys on that!"

Cundee - drain as "aw a cannea b'lieve it. Ah drapped a tenner doon the cundee" (oh dear, I cant believe that I dropped a Ten pound note down that drain.

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