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Andy Murray
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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Scotland, Brainiest Bunch in Britain. Official!!

Test the Nation, a quiz on BBC Television was aired last night. They take teams of work groups such as surgeons, removal men etc etc and pitch them against each other in an IQ Test.
People at home can take part interactively and online.
Out of 70 questions, made up of memory tasks, observation tasks and the like, I managed 59 correct. This gives me an IQ of 125. Pretty good considering the highest is 146!! I am impressed if not a little surprised lol.
The BBC also collate the results from all interactive and online participants to find the average IQ of each of the 4 home nations, NIreland, Wales,England and of course Scotland.
Guess What!
Its no suirprise to me.............
With an average IQ of 94.
Come on the Scots.
(For proof of our iontelligence read "whas Like us" down the right hand column.


Holler said...


...and, well done you!

happyone said...

Love your blog. Love Scotland. Lived there for 4 years in the mid 70's. Lived in Kinnaird Castle, Brechin for a time, Edzell, and also Montrose where my daughter was born. Who by the way is very smart - must be because she was born in Scotland. :-)