Andy Murray

Andy Murray
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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Scotland the amazing............

Its not very often that I look at the world of sport and see the results I am now witnessing for Scotland. National and League teams seem to have found a new vigour, a new breath of life, a new OOMPH!

Champions League football - both old firms are in the qualifying stages of footballs most prestigious competition. Gunning for a place in the last 16, both teams are showing the world that Scotland is now no lomger an underdog nation, we can hold our own and we can kick your arse! LOL

Rugby world cup. Ok granted we were humped 40-0 by New Zealand but we put out a B team to save our first team players from injury as, although it was a horrific result we are still secound in our group and are in a good position to qualify.

Scotland Football team.
Need I say more?
Last year we achieved the unthinkable and won 1-0 against France at Hampden, amazing. Just recently we then travelled to Paris for the second leg and to everyones amazement we did it again!

We now sit at the top of the table.
Scotland at the top of the group???? Im still pinching myself.


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lol good description..."we were humped"..

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