Andy Murray

Andy Murray
New Wimbledon Champ?? (2010) ,maybe next year

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Tam the Magician

Just like every other day jock and tasm are wanderin roon' the high street abusing everyone who passes by.
Tam then says to Jock "d'yeh ken Jock? Ahm noo a Magician!"
"Wit?" is Jocks reply
"Aye ahm noo a magician an a feckin great yin tae"
"Tam ah dinnae ken wit yir talkin aboot. Since when?"
"The ither day Jock." proclaims Tam
Jock asks " A'right wit trick did ye dae to convince yersel yer a magician?"
Tam Replies "Well ah wis just donnerin doon the street an ah turned intae a pub"

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