Andy Murray

Andy Murray
New Wimbledon Champ?? (2010) ,maybe next year

Monday, 30 July 2007

Scottish slang

Geeza :- give me

Gonnay No dae that :- please do not do that

ah canny be bathered :- I cannot be bothered

Ahl nut yeh :- I will place my head on yours at very high velocity inflicting great pain

Witzit :- what is it?

Dinnae want tae :- I do not want to

Ahl smash yer coupon :- I will punch you very hard in the face

ats tae much bather :- that is far too bothersome

wits the crack :- what is happening today/with you


Anonymous said...

"crack" should be spelt "craic"

Anonymous said...

What does Peace Oot mean?

Anonymous said...

Peace Oot = Goodbye