Andy Murray

Andy Murray
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Monday, 30 July 2007

a couple ay jokes

Fairy Washing Up Ad in Glasgow
Young girl washing up, takes her hands out of sink full of dish water and as she is drying them off, a young boy approaches and taking her hands into his, he begins to rub them and comments on how smooth they are.
Now, here is my interpretation of how the Ad should sound like, if being filmed in the infamous Gorbals area of Glasgow.
YOUNG BOY : 'Hey mammy! How's yer hauns sae saft?'
YOUNG GIRL : 'Cause ah'm only thirteen, ya fucken eedjit!'
Tam and Senga
Tam and his wife Sengawere walking in a shopping centre with their baby, when they decided to go into Mothercare for a look at some things. When they came back out they started to walk away, when Senga said, "Tam, that's not our baby".
Tam said, "Shut up and keep walking, it's a better pram"!

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