Andy Murray

Andy Murray
New Wimbledon Champ?? (2010) ,maybe next year

Monday, 10 August 2009

Is Summer here????

Ive just popped in from the garden because it is too hot!
Yup thats right summer may actually be here!!!! All i can say is its about bloody time lol.
I blame the governments of the world for our poor summers. All this talk of saving the environment, getting everyone to recycle because of global warming - TOSH!
Anyone who has ever filled a glass with ice cubes and topped it up with their fave tipple will understand that sea levels will NOT rise when the ice caps do. Thinkl about it! When the ice in your drink melts does your glass overflow? NO! Its displacement.
So the people of Scotland beg the nations of the world, stop recycling, stop switching off your computer, stop switching off lights and TV sets and give us the summer we deserve.
(this is a rant with facts but i do encourage saving the planet really lol)

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